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Jaia Thomas is currently in pre-production for the digital series, Disruptors. The series explores African-Americans in various parts of the country disrupting the racial makeup of certain industries such as technology, entertainment, architecture and the law. 


Jaia Thomas served as a co-producer for the feature film, 9 Rides. The film premiered in 2016 at the SXSW Film Festival in the Narrative Spotlight Category in Austin, Texas. The film is the first feature film to shoot on the iPhone 6s in 4K. The film is about an Uber driver who gets life changing news on New Years Eve and the 9 different groups of people he encounters that night that help him work through it. The film stars Dorian Missick, Omar Dorsey, Robinne Lee, Amin Jones and Thomas Q. Jones. 

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The recipient of a grant from the Washington DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Jaia Thomas has produced and facilitated several workshops in Washington DC including, "The Washington DC Diversity Conference for Television and Screenwriters." The workshop provided writers from diverse backgrounds with the tools necessary to write television and film scripts. She also produced a workshop titled, "How to Make a Film in Washington DC." The workshop provided attendees with all the tools and knowledge necessary to shoot and distribute a film in the Nation's Capital. 

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While living in New York City, Jaia launched the Off-Off-Broadway show, The New to New York Showcase through her production company Singularus Productions. The New to New York Showcase featured actors and actresses from across the world who just moved to New York City. They performed monologues and one-acts before industry insiders and the general public. Click here for more information.